As a global network of senior management consultants, we support leaders and their teams with transforming business models and engaging people for change.  


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Our Testimonials Do the Talking

"We need to find different markets!"

"mab had a great reputation within our organization already and when we were presented with the task to branch out the divisions's activities, we've engaged them to design our new approach to market. They have done an amazing job in navigating the leadership team through all our different point of views, align us on a common vision and trained us to be change sponsors.

A year later, already 10% of our revenue came from new business and we could feel the shift in our culture."

Aviation Executive

"How do I REALLY engage my people for the new strategy?"

"we're representing the financial services segment in our company. As a car manufacturer the natural focus of our organization is on the technical aspects and the magic of our core product. How can a new financial product be be "sexy" and make our people proud? mab helped us to develop a comprehensive engagement program to rallye our people behind a common idea and has been with us all the way. Within three years, we grew organically by 50% and can attribute most of it to our people taking ownership."

Automotive Executive



Helping a Customer

Customer Experience

We are living in the age of the customer. People are willing to spend more money on a similar product if it comes with a great experience. It's nothing less but a transformation for an organization to design a reliable and repeatable experience for their customers while driving a customer centric mindset.

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Strategy Development

Having a strategy was a big differentiator 20 years ago. The times have changed. In a world that is equally diverse and complex, strategy takes a backseat in favor of execution and engaging your people as the driving force.

Mountains Meet Lake

Coaching Services

Some have called us the "architects of their careers". While this is flattering, our sole focus is to help individuals and teams see clear, remove obstacles and live up to their potential. There is greatness in everyone - and that's not an overstatement!


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