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The Right Strategy

The following key questions still remain to be answered:

  • What are the most important external factors that form our strategic context?

  • What are the internal drivers that set strategic boundaries?

  • What are the most important strategic challenges deriving from the above mentioned context?

  • What are our strategic objectives?

  • How do we want to achieve this?

The faster the world changes, the more responsive we have to be in continuously adapting the strategy in ever closer review loops.

The Strategy Process

At MAB we are using a proven set of methods to support your strategy process. 

In three distinct phases we will

  • take your team to recognize the baseline and the options given

  • set the direction, and finally

  • help to amend or change the business model

Setting the Scene: 

  • Meaning and types of strategy

  • Understand the strategic context

  • Mobilize for strategy

  • Plan for strategy development

  • Identify deliverables, success factors, derailers

Setting the Direction:

  • Business model canvas

  • Understand impact of strategic context

  • Define strategic challenge and ambition


Design Business Model:

  • Develop, cluster, evaluate and prioritize ideas

  • Build scenarios and prototypes

  • Design new canvas