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Distinctive Vision

A bold and distinctive vision will allow you to define core principles (values) that build the cultural DNA of your organization.

It is about outlining the organizational behaviors that you would like to encourage in all members of your teams.

Vision and values provide the foundation for identification with and engagement for a shared blueprint of the future. They give

  • clear orientation

  • help to connect individuals and ultimately contribute to 

  • transforming groups into teams and forming the company's strategy

The MAB Vision Process

The MAB vision process offers a proven path

for executives and leadership teams

to create the company's compelling vision.

In a three-day workshop we will create a journey for the participants which allows them to 

  • align the current state,

  • recognize external and internal context, and ultimately

  • create the collective ambition.

Team building and reflection are key components of the process to ensure effective communication and collaboration.