Kundenorientierung erzeugt loyale Kunden. 

Wenn Sie eine der nebenstehenden Fragen mit "Ja" beantwortet haben, verlieren Sie Geld aufgrund von gestörten Kundenbeziehungen. Unternehmen gehen pleite, wenn die Kunden sich nicht einbezogen fühlen. 

Ohne konsequente Kundenorientierung kann Ihr Unternehmen nicht erfolgreich sein. Unser bewährter, kompakter 4-wöchiger Transformationsprozess versetzt Ihr gesamtes Unternehmen in die Lage, ein zuverlässiges und wiederholbares Kundenerlebnis zu schaffen. 

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4 Wochen, die die Art und Weise, wie Sie auf Ihre Kunden zugehen, verändern werden

mabcx ist das Ergebnis unserer umfangreichen Erfahrung in der Leitung großer, mehrjähriger Projekte. Wir haben die komplexen Welten der Kundenerfahrung und des effektiven organisatorischen Wandels in ein umfassendes 4-Wochen-Programm voller Best Practices destilliert, dem Sie vertrauen können.


Frequently asked questions

General Questions

What is mabcx?

mabcx is a compact and affordable program that breaks down all a companies’ customer touchpoints to create a repeatable and reliable customer experience and build a long-term, loyal clientele.

Why mabcx?

The mabcx team is comprised of professionals who have extensive experience in managing large, multi-year transformational projects. This program has been developed over several years and is designed for long-term, large-scale transformational projects in a compact and affordable form. We use an approach of analytics, design tools, leadership alignment, and implementation standards that works. Our program is sophisticated enough to create extraordinary results while simple enough to not overload the organization.

This program has been successfully field-tested on several pilots in the USA. And just like any field-test, the feedback from these pilots was meticulously analyzed to further improve this program and make it the best and only of its kind on the market!

How long is the mabcx program?

This program is the classic, months-long, change management project condensed into just 4-weeks.

Who does mabcx serve?

This program is focused on SME’s or small and medium enterprises up to 1,000 employees who are focused on developing and manufacturing products that they sell to as many customers as possible, whose competitors are finding better ways to reach customers, who wants to take their customer relationships to the next level, and who do not want to or cannot afford the classic change management project for several hundred thousand dollars.

How much does the mabcx program cost?

We're charging a flat fee for the entire program. Please connect us to learn more.

How mabcx works

What does mabcx entail?

We offer a customer centricity kick-start so you can regain lost ground and increase your lead. This program will identify and understand all relevant interaction points with your customers to develop a strong customer experience “playbook” which includes: your customer journey, company personality, and your company’s “Moments that Matter”.

Who participates in the 4-week mabcx program?

The project management team will be built off five different internal roles. A project lead, sponsor, interviewees, a leadership team, and expert team. There will also be an organization-wide survey that will involve everyone else who is not assigned one of these roles. The interviewees, leadership team, and expert team will be comprised of more than one person while the project lead and sponsor are induvial roles.

What is the time commitment during the 4-weeks?

The project lead will commit the most time with an estimated 10 hours per week or 40 total hours. The sponsor will commit 12 total hours, the expert team will commit 8 total hours, the leadership team will commit 5 total hours, and the interviewees will commit a maximum of 2 total hours. The organization-wide survey will only require 30 minutes maximum of everyone’s time.

What happens during those 4 weeks?

This 4-week program will change the way you approach your customers. Week 1 will collect and assess data, week 2 is the creation of the customer experience framework, week 3 will engage the leadership team in the results from the data analysis and the implementation standards moving forward, and finally, week 4 will train the expert team to initiate and track these new changes.

Why is customer centricity important?

Customers around the world have come to expect more than just a product or service from a business. Many large multinational companies have created a focus around an amazing customer experience resulting in long-term, costly effects. The experience deepens the relationships and enables better growth and a positive work environment.

This built relationship helps you find better ways to reach your customers, even with products or services that are not cheaper or better.

What is the result of the mabcx program?

A clear, repeatable, and reliable customer experience, next-level customer relationships, a consistent alignment of all relevant interaction points with your customer needs and your employee’s mindset.

How to get started?

Once you've decided to go ahead with mabcx, we will discuss a firm start date with you, send you all the communication and briefing documents you'll need for your organization and will prepare the formal start of mabcx with your project manager.